AVG AntiTrack

AVG AntiTrack is like a guardian for your online secrets. It stops websites and advertisers from spying on what you do on the internet.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Secret Keeper: It blocks websites and advertisers from peeking into your online life.
  • Mystery Mode: It hides who you are online by changing how you look to trackers.
  • Cookie Boss: It lets you decide which cookies can stay and which ones should go, so you can control your online preferences.
  • Anti-Fingerprint: It keeps websites from making a unique picture of your device and browser.
  • Data Defender: It guards your personal info from being collected and sold.
  • Friend to All Browsers: It’s like a buddy for all the web browsers you use.
  • Alert Bodyguard: It tells you when someone is trying to follow you online, so you can stop them.
  • Privacy Tailor: You can set it up the way you like, to match how private you want to be.
  • Info Detective: It shows you how websites and trackers are trying to collect your secrets.

AVG AntiTrack is like a friendly guardian that helps you keep your online life private, and it’s super easy to use, no matter how techie you are.