key benefits of Windows 10 Pro:
  1. Enhanced Security: BitLocker encryption, Windows Defender Antivirus, and advanced threat protection keep your data and system secure.
  2. Remote Desktop: Access your computer remotely or allow others to access it for remote assistance or work.
  3. Domain Joining: Connect to a corporate network or domain, ideal for businesses with IT infrastructure.
  4. Group Policy Management: Easily manage and enforce policies across multiple devices in a network.
  5. Windows Update for Business: More control over updates, allowing you to defer or schedule them for better stability.
  6. Hyper-V: Run virtual machines on your Windows 10 Pro PC for testing and development.
  7. Business Store for Apps: Access business-specific apps through the Windows Store for streamlined app management.
  8. Advanced App Control: Control over which apps are installed and run, important for security and compliance.
  9. Assigned Access: Set up a single-app kiosk for specialized tasks or public displays.
  10. Long-Term Support: Windows 10 Pro offers longer support and updates compared to Home, ideal for business continuity.
  11. Cortana: The digital assistant can be disabled to enhance privacy and reduce distractions.
  12. Dynamic Lock: Automatically lock your device when you step away with a paired Bluetooth device.
  13. Credential Guard: Protects user credentials with virtualization-based security.
  14. AppLocker: Restrict and control which apps can run on your device for added security.
  15. Shared PC Configuration: Ideal for shared workstations, enabling multiple user accounts with restrictions.
  16. Enterprise Data Protection: Secure business data and prevent data leakage.