Avast BreachGuard

Avast BreachGuard is a service that helps to protect your personal information from data breaches.

Here are some of the key features:

  1. Data Breach Monitoring: It actively watches for data breaches and warns you if your data is exposed.
  2. Identity Theft Protection: Monitors the dark web for signs of identity theft and sends alerts for suspicious activity.
  3. Data Privacy Scanning: Scans your accounts for privacy issues, like weak passwords or excessive app permissions.
  4. Password Management: Helps manage passwords, suggesting strong ones and securely storing them.
  5. Web Tracking Prevention: Blocks tracking mechanisms that collect your online behavior data.
  6. Safe Browsing: Protects against malicious websites, phishing attempts, and online threats.
  7. Secure File Deletion: Provides tools for safe file deletion, preventing data recovery.
  8. Privacy Alerts: Offers recommendations based on scans to enhance your online privacy.
  9. Customer Support: Provides 24/7 customer support for assistance.
  10. Compatibility: Works on various OS and devices, ensuring cross-platform protection.