Windows 11 Pro vs home

Got it! So, there are two versions of Windows 11: Pro and Home. Pro is for business and techy folks, with extra stuff like BitLocker and fancy virtualization. It’s good for managing updates and networks. Home is for regular folks, with basic features for everyday use, but it doesn’t have all the fancy Pro stuff.

Here are the key features of Windows 11 Pro vs Home:

  1. BitLocker Encryption:
    • Pro includes BitLocker, which allows you to encrypt your entire drive to protect your data.
    • Home does not include BitLocker, so you’ll need third-party encryption software if you want similar functionality.
  2. Remote Desktop Connection:
    • Pro: Allows you to host remote desktop sessions, useful for business and professional users.
    • Home: You can connect to remote desktops but can’t host remote sessions.
  3. Virtualization:
    • Pro: Hyper-V is included for running virtual machines on your system.
    • Home: This does not include Hyper-V.
  4. Group Policy Management:
    • Pro: Provides access to group policy settings, which is essential for network administrators managing multiple computers.
    • Home: Lacks access to group policy.
  5. Windows Update:
    • Pro: Allows users to defer updates, providing more control over when updates are installed.
    • Home: Automatic updates are mandatory, with less flexibility.
  6. Windows Store Apps:
    • Pro: You can control the installation of apps from the Windows Store through Group Policy.
    • Home: Less control over Windows Store app installations.
  7. Business Features:
    • Pro: Designed for business environments, it includes features like Azure Active Directory and Windows Update for Business.
    • Home: more geared towards individual or household use.
  8. Price:
    • Pro: Typically more expensive than the Home edition.