windows 10 home price

Windows 10 Home is like the starter pack of Microsoft’s operating system. It’s made for regular folks who just want to do everyday stuff on their computers. It’s not too fancy or expensive, but it has things like the Start Menu and Microsoft Edge for browsing, and it lets you use lots of apps from the Microsoft Store. It’s a good choice if you want a computer that’s easy to use and does the basics without the extra fancy stuff from the fancier versions.

Here are the key features of the Windows 10 home price:

  1. Start Menu: A classic feature with a modern twist, providing quick access to apps and a customizable layout.
  2. Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant that helps with voice commands, reminders, and general assistance.
  3. Microsoft Edge is the default web browser with improved speed, security, and the ability to mark up and share web pages.
  4. Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus and security tool to protect your system from malware and other threats.
  5. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps: Access to a variety of apps from the Microsoft Store, ranging from productivity tools to entertainment.
  6. Virtual Desktops: Organize your work by creating multiple desktops for different tasks or projects.
  7. Snap Assist: Efficiently manage open windows by snapping them to the edges of the screen or organizing them with Snap Assist.
  8. DirectX 12 enhances gaming performance by providing better graphics and improved efficiency.