TOP 10 Features Of AVG PC Tuneup

1.Boost your Internet speed

Evaluates your Internet connection settings and tweaks them to increase connection speed and reduce interruptions.
Features: Internet Optimizer

2.Eliminate freezing and crashing

Removes temporary and duplicate files that waste disk space and finds and fixes issues that cause freezing and crashing.
Features: Registry Cleaner

3.Optimize PC speed

Reorganises files on your hard drives so they are read and written faster, improving how your software and PC performs.
Features: Disk Defragmenter, Windows Registry Defragmenter

4.Protect your privacy

Hides or removes all records of the documents you’ve opened, the programs you’ve run, and the websites you’ve visited.
Features: Track Eraser

5.Recover accidentally deleted files

Restores accidentally deleted or damaged files.
Features: File Recovery

6.Permanently delete files and wipe disks

Prevent your personal data from getting into the wrong hands and permanently delete files or clear entire hard drives.
Features: File Shredder, Disk Wiper

7.Monitor hard drive health and space

Keep your data organized and safe from accidental loss or hard drive failure.
Features: Disk Doctor

8.Speed up your PC

Identify and remove temp, junk, and cache files for faster PC performance tweak your Internet settings to reduce lags and optimize your speed online.

9.Increase PC stability

Scan and repair corrupted registries to eliminate freezing and crashing reorganize files for quicker and more secure response times.

10.Free up storage space

Delete duplicate files to free up valuable disk space Optimize startup programs and applications for increased storage space and faster startup times.